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Our standards set the standard.


Leveling the playing field

Like other leading litigation finance companies, the foundation of our offering is non-recourse capital funding of your case portfolio. In its simplest terms, we evaluate your docket, assign a value to your cases, and then invest capital in the outcomes by creating a custom loan for your firm. However, we differ from other companies in two fundamental ways.


First, we have the most comprehensive underwriting standards in the industry. These standards work for our mutual benefit. We hand-select firms whose dockets and track record position them for success.


Second, we go far beyond simply providing capital. Post-funding, we continue to work with you to ensure your success. After all, if you prosper, so do we.

Blue Bar

Funding starts at $500,000.

Most transactions are between $2MM and $10MM.

There is no maximum.



Process Summary

Our comprehensive underwriting process can be distilled into five steps:

  • NDA + In-Depth Funding Application

  • Preliminary Valuation + Initial Decision + LOI

  • Due Diligence + Recommendation

  • Funding Approval + Contract

  • Disbursement

Once an NDA is executed, it usually takes 90 days for initial funds disbursement. Learn more about our underwriting philosophy and standards.

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