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Knowledge. Capital.


Optimize, Capitalize

The initial disbursement of funds represents the true beginning of our engagement with you. We are a long-term partner whose objective is parallel to yours: maximizing the value of your claim portfolio. Many of our clients view us as an extension of their team, relying on our litigation experience, business acumen, and outsider’s perspective to aid in litigation and operational success.


Without a doubt, the cost of capital is important. However, we’ve learned that it is never the deciding factor when firms choose to work with us. On the other hand, it is always the deciding factor when they don’t. Law firms that want to litigation finance partner that goes beyond capital should look no further than Justice Funds.


Client Engagement

Not every conversation between Justice Funds and its clients is about cases. We have regular monthly meetings to ensure we have a timely understanding of both their challenges and successes. And we stand ready to provide insight on critical growth topics such as financial management and marketing.

We have a separate full-service team whose accountability is to both monitor progress and to enable dialogue and collaboration, as requested from our customers, on critical matters. Our required reporting includes items such as: docket notices, settlements, filings, and financial statements. All of the reporting is in service of keeping each other informed, and never allowing a small problem to become a big one.


Developing a sound budgeting approach that is properly aligned with a firm’s litigation strategy is simply good business. We work with our clients to ensure cash flow is sufficient to address daily operational needs, as well as to support the necessary expenditure spikes to support active cases. Overall we aim to forecast and recommend a realistic spend versus the most likely outcomes.

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