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The power to pursue big opportunities


We're redefining value, so you can redefine your future

Value is in the eye of the beholder. Traditional lending institutions can only see, and therefore value, hard assets like personal property. And their repayment plans are flat, plainly ignoring the fact that contingency firm cash flows are anything but consistent.

Justice Funds takes a holistic approach, beginning with an attorney's perspective, not a banker's. And our focus is on financing your firm's revenue opportunities, which means our flexible terms are aligned with the uneven revenue cycles specific to each firm.

Our revenue-based approach gives you the opportunity to pursue more lucrative opportunities or to settle when the time is right, not when a payment is due.


With this type of funding, a company agrees to share a percentage of future revenue with an investor in exchange for up front capital. The loan payments are tied to monthly revenue, going up for strong-revenue months and down for low-revenue months.


Your focus remains on the case, not the calendar.


Benefits of Litigation Finance

Justice Funds offers law firms the financial resources required to keep their practices running smoothly not only during lengthy legal battles, but also through periods of high growth. Clients use our investment capital to pay for litigation costs, such discovery expenses and expert-witness fees, but also for day-to-day operations to ensure each case gets the attention and expertise required to litigate to the fullest extent required.

Cash Flow Management

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The timing and size of law firm revenue is anything but smooth. On top of that uncertainty, there are case costs to contend with, from expert witnesses to research. Conversely, your operating costs are as predictable as the sunset. Our financing solutions provide your firm with the capital and flexibility it needs to continue pursuing opportunities, without worrying about liquidity.

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