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Advaced Underwriting

Advanced Underwriting

We will provide funding for four types of cases: unsettled or settled mass tort and standard or catastrophic single event. While the valuation methodologies may differ between case types, all funding activity follows our standard underwriting protocol: we evaluate your cases, your firm's principals and operations, and your firm's financials. All three bear equal weight in our final funding decision, providing a comprehensive view of your past, present, and future.

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Three evaluation phases.

Docket. Firm. Financial.


Our Process

Quality first, last, and always

Our underwriting process is executed by licensed attorneys. This unique model allows us to see opportunities through the same lens as our clients. 

The objective is to assign a value to each case, whether it is a personal injury action or a complex derivative suit. The firm's cash flows are then evaluated from a micro and macro perspective. And finally, proprietary metrics, derived directly from the firm's financials, are then used to fully value the firm.

In addition to the result of our assessments, we find that nothing matters more than the skill and success rate of the firm's attorneys. Therefore, we spend much of our underwriting time building relationships with our clients in order to fully understand their practices and their goals.

Our process helps us ascertain the exact value of each case - which is used as collateral - to provide the maximum amount of funding each firm can sustain. And after funding is successful, we require our clients to salute the risky nature of the sector by adhering to strict operational and financial standards.  

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