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Ambitious firms rely on Justice Funds

Modern Capital

Modern capital for tomorrow's opportunities

Justice Funds is redefining how law firms obtain capital. Traditional lending practices have limited borrowing opportunities to the personal guarantees of the firm’s principals. An antiquated method that is inadequate at best.


We take a business-oriented approach, analyzing the firm’s entire docket, its individual success metrics, and the outcomes associated with similar cases around the country. In turn, the valuation of your case portfolio becomes the foundation for our investment to help you tackle your next wave of growth.


Launched in 2016, Justice Funds is led by a team of litigation finance experts with deep experience across the legal industry value chain. 777 Partners, a private equity firm, with more than $2B invested in a range of enterprises, including several within the legal industry, provides investment capital.

Family of Companes

A Family of Companies

We are part of a family of companies that operate within the legal industry value chain. By working with Justice Funds, your firm has the opportunity to access industry-leading solutions and expertise that includes plaintiff funding, expert witnesses, and claims processing and settlement.

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