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  • Attorney Funding Helps You Get the Money You Need to Win Your Case

    Do you need capital to grow your law firm?

    How much additional revenue can you and your firm generate over the next several years with an additional $100,000 to $1,000,000+ in working capital now?


    Under capitalization of a business can add a lot of unnecessary stress and can often sink even the most successful firms.  A lack of proper law firm funding and capital resources can put a strain on your growing practice. In our fast-paced business climate, often times it does take money to make money. Lacking access to proper capital resources can put your practice at risk and place you in situations where you lose out on or often times, overpay for valuable business opportunities.

    We all know about the inherent limitations and limited offerings of needed cash via bank loans, credit cards, and your own personal savings to fund your business growth. Personal guarantees and high monthly debt-service payments can put your firm and your personal credit at risk and may not be what you need. So what do you do when you lack the proper capital to grow your practice?  You contact Justice Funds.


    What could you do if you had access to short-term capital resources to increase your firm’s profitability and stabilize your ongoing cash flow? Can you imagine the growth opportunities that you might easily take advantage of with access to lawsuit funding without the limitations and burden of personal guarantees, high monthly payments, or having to give up equity in your firm?  Can you imagine being able to have the funds to acquire / market for new cases and not stifle your cash flow?


    Let Justice Funds go to work for you. Justice Funds provides legal financing based upon the projected fee values of your law firm’s case portfolio, based upon a blended rate of portfolio risk. Justice Funds is not going to decide on your credit worthiness like a traditional lender and only focus on your bank-ready collateral or your personal FICO credit score.

    What we will do is observe, but not make a lending decision solely based on a personal balance sheet or your own personal credit worthiness. Justice Funds provides access to the growth capital you need based on the value of your docket; together with unrestricted use of funds to grow you firm according to your terms. Justice Funds is a proven solution with the history and experience to demonstrate true growth results through access to the funding you need and make it a reality for you now.


    Does funding through Justice Funds make good business sense for you and your growing firm? Contact us today and let’s find out together!

    • No personal guarantees required
    • No monthly payments
    • No insurance required
    • No equity required from Law Firm or Partners
    • Easy Application Process
    • Unrestricted use of funds

    You can even refinance at lower rates as a case portfolio matures and risk decreases.

    Apply Now in Seconds